get to know me | favorite movies [2/5→ the prince of egypt (1998)

Showgirls play chess between shows, New York, 1958.

Showgirls play chess between shows, New York1958.

in other news the book of life is super raddd !!! everything is very colorful and i love it a lot!!!

Anonymous asked: which size? s,m,l?

Small :»> does anyone have the same so they can give me some tips in getting used to it???? my old one didnt have so many preferences and thinguiesss

Anonymous asked: what kind of tablet is that?

a wacom intuos pro :»»

golly i gained 1kg damn u breadd

this is the one i gottt

wowie golly i just got the actual best ask ever let me process this !!! Gosh


how to get away with murder + text posts [part 1]